5 concerns when politicians say, law and order!

We have seen this before, but perhaps not on the scale/level that we are currently witnessing! In the last half century, this is at least the third time it has been the weapon of a politician! Who can forget Richard Nixon using this rhetoric in 1968 or Ronald Reagan in his 1980 campaign and perhaps because it seemed to be effective then Donald Trump’s campaign has taken this to new heights! ! Perhaps one key difference is that, while Nixon and Reagan used the words Law & Order repeatedly when they were first running for office, and not when seeking re-election, the current occupant of the White House seems strongly confident, appealing to fears, anxieties, prejudices, etc. of Americans, blaming and complaining about his opponents, even though he has been the president for the last four years! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 concerns we should have about this approach and appeal.

one. Black Lives Matter/Systemic Racism: Given the recent exposure of what appears to be bad behavior by a small number of police officers, primarily targeting men of color, we should not have been surprised, the Black Lives Matter movement and associated protests. , cam, to the forefront! Because there have been numerous incidents of this behavior and apparent evidence of systemic racism in many areas of American life! Instead of trying to appeal, to bring about a meeting of minds, for the greater good, President Trump has done almost the opposite! Instead of displaying, and demonstrating, any necessary degree of genuine empathy, he appears to be utilizing unassociated criminal activities, looting, arson, etc., by a select few, who, may or may not, have also been! that the protesters are inciting their core supporters, appealing to their fears and anxieties!

two. Most fonts are good, but there are some bad ones: apples: Although the vast majority of police officers are good, dedicated, and hard-working people, unfortunately, there are a few bad apples! Trump’s rhetoric has tended to defend all police and blame all anti-police protesters, which is divisive and dangerous for a safer, harmonious society!

3. Political rhetoric/messages: When a politician uses rhetoric, which appears to be a negative and divisive message, the so-called call for law and order is just the opposite.

Four. Department of Justice/ Behavior of AG Barr/ No one above the law: Historically, the Attorney General behaves like the people’s attorney, but Mr. Barr’s behavior appears as if he is focused on defending this President and his personal interests. What happened to the concept that no one is above the law? If our Justice Department does not enforce all laws, but proceeds, with a selective emphasis, that appears to coincide with the President’s personal/political agenda and/or his self-interest, it is a dangerous precedent for the guarantees of our Constitution. !

5. All the Constitutional guarantees, not selective!:

Wake up, America, for we are witnessing a clear and present danger to our way of life! Demand change and a more inclusive approach before it’s too late!

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