7 seater cars – Ford Taurus X

Ford Taurus X among 7-seater cars

We all know that Ford was the first company to make a car. But do you know a 7-seater car made by Ford? The Taurus X is a 7-seater car from Ford. This particular car belongs to a category called crossover SUVs. This car was first developed by Ford Motors in the USA in the year 2005. Since then, this car has been famous in its category and can comfortably accommodate 6-7 people. This car was born more due to the lack of enough space for a large family. People used to get inside a little hatchback that’s supposed to only hold less than 5 people. Since these 7-seater cars hit the streets, all medium and large families have started to prefer this.

Ford Taurus X styling

The Ford Taurus X, which is among the few good 7-seaters, implements a style of seating arrangement called freestyle. In this arrangement, the 7 seats are arranged in 3 rows, so that the driver has maximum visibility of the front and rear view of the road. And this arrangement also ensures that the entry and exit of passengers is very smooth. With this arrangement the car gets a higher H point which is always safe for the car. The Ford Taurus was released to replace its old competitor Taurus Station, and the Taurus X did that job well.

Ford Taurus X design factors

The Ford Taurus X was a 7-seater car built on the Ford D3 concept. The Ford Taurus X uses a 3-liter capacity Duratec V6 engine and can generate a maximum of 203 hp at 5750 rpm. Taurus implements CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology in its engine, making it even more popular.

Taurus has many power options, like power folding seats, and it also offers power lift doors. Even though the Taurus is no longer in production compared to the other 7-seater cars, it turns out to be a great 7-seater on the market even to this day. It will be a good option if you decide to buy one, if you get a good deal on the market. With that being said, it may be a bit difficult for you to find a new Taurus in the Ford showroom. But you’re sure to find at least one of them somewhere in your local showroom or online car store.

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