Birdwatching at Treasure Island Florida

Treasure Island, Florida is a wonderful place to see some of the most magnificent wildlife in the country. Bird watching or bird watching is a very popular attraction for many people due to the variety of species that live on these shores. In fact, the area can serve as a good spot to observe birds that may not be indigenous to the area. The migration patterns of many birds traverse this region. There are some beautiful shorebirds that can be spotted along this stretch of coastline and it is recommended that all bird watchers take time to enjoy these species.

There is also a collective effort in the community to make sure these birds last for future generations, so always make sure to be careful and never disturb the natural habitats of these creatures. Many of Florida’s species are on the brink of danger and people should always make sure to enjoy the wildlife, while making sure to preserve the natural order.

Laughing seagull – During a trip to Treasure Island, you will certainly see many seagulls. These birds are everywhere and they will do their best to acquire some of the lunch that you have brought to the beach, so be careful. If you plan to feed the seagulls, be sure to do so away from other bathers because these birds will crowd around you and can disturb other beach guests.

Willet / Wagtail – The Willet is another very common species that can be found along the shores of Treasure Island. This bird is part of the Sandpiper family and can be easily seen combing the beach in search of food. Willet’s population declined in the early 20th century due to hunting, but has increased since then. While the population is steadily increasing, Willet is still considered to be somewhat at risk.

Black skimmer – These birds are a beautiful sight and can be seen flying low over the waters and sliding the bottom of their beak into the water to catch food, which is how they got their name. The Black Skimmer has a black back with a white underside and is very distinct with its bright orange bill that has a black front edge.

Terns – There are 3 varieties of tern that can be found on Treasure Island. Tea Royal tern It is an orange-billed variety and can only be found near salt water. The king tern is found around Treasure Island in the winter months and does not breed in the area. Tea Gull-billed tern it is also found along this stretch of coastal waters. These terns have a black beak and look like seagulls, hence their name. This tern breeds in this area and can be found here in the summer months. Last but not least is the Minimal tern it is the smallest of the American tern varieties. These terns also breed in the area and can be found during the summer months.

American oystercatcher – These birds breed in the area and can be found walking along the beach in search of food throughout the year. The bird is large for a shorebird and has a bright red beak and long legs. In the 19th century, they became locally extinct in the Northeast due to hunting and egg gathering, but were later protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

White egret – This is a beautiful white heron that can be found around freshwater, as well as in coastal regions like Treasure Island. This bird can be very easy to identify quickly due to its long black legs and yellow legs. The White Egret has a beautiful plumage during the breeding season; these birds were hunted by market hunters, reducing the population to a dangerous level. These birds were also protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

Great Blue Heron – These birds can be found throughout the country and are extremely common in Florida throughout the year. They can be found throughout the state around fresh and salt water. They are the largest American herons and are tall with long legs. The great blue heron will walk slowly in shallow water as it searches for food until it dives quickly on the head to catch fish.

Brown Pelican – Brown pelicans can be found year-round on Treasure Island and are very different birds. Many tourists enjoy taking photos of these birds while sitting floating in the water or diving in to fish. These pelicans are unique to 6 other species because they are the only dark pelicans. They are also the only pelican that darts from the air into the water to catch their food.

White ibis – These birds are found year-round on Treasure Island and are distinguished by their white body and bright red legs and beaks. These birds also have black wingtips that are generally only seen while in flight. The white ibis can be seen while feeding along the shoreline in search of small crustaceans and crayfish.

Great egret – This bird is also known as the Great White Heron or the Great White Egret. These birds are tall (up to 3.3 feet!) And all white with yellow beaks. The great egret can be found on Treasure Island throughout the year and can be found foraging in shallow waters on frogs, fish, and sometimes lizards. These birds are one of the most beautiful and majestic species that the Treasure Island area has to offer bird watchers.

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