Fear of the future: overcome anxiety related to current events

Current events inciting fear in the masses

Rocket fire in the Gaza Strip, the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa, government crises in the Middle East, fear of terrorism, fear of flying and missing planes over the ocean, raids on bookstores housing suspected recruiters of terrorists, people and Murdered families, people worried about their credit card information, it’s overwhelming and overwhelming, and it’s no wonder people are increasingly being diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

When was the last time you felt good about your life?

Current events in the world are chaotic, and turning on the television can trigger a panic attack in anyone after watching the evening news. The media serves as a public benefit, but is there a strong possibility that a constant diet of bad news is causing an epidemic in diagnoses of anxiety and mental illness? When was the last time you felt good about life?

There is a rational solution to reduce anxiety and fear related to current events

Reading a recent blog by Tim Ferris, author of Four Hour Work Week, he recommended a low-information diet. He focused his mind on positive things and good news, and leaked a lot of bad information from his life. It was a countercultural movement, but as you read his adventures and his amazing life, he comes to the natural conclusion that he has improved the quality of his life.

Visual images are strong psychological effectors

When people see information and graphic images are displayed, it has a stronger psychological effect than hearing it or reading it on a website. If you have the personal values ​​to keep up with current affairs, particularly politics or world events, or the stock market, an alternative to television news is to visit the websites of television channels and media and get a quick summary of the news. the headlines, so you are aware of what is going on, but reducing your exposure to negativity.

Evaluating your approach

If you are particularly focused on overcoming fear and anxiety, a good communication theory allegory can help you feel calm and at peace. In communication theory, when a person would like to effectively communicate constructive criticism and offer suggestions for improvement, a general ratio of seven positive comments offered to one person for every negative comment helps maintain a positive and productive relationship between both parties. . In general, it is also good practice to sandwich a critique between two plugins. You can easily apply this to the information you are focusing on.

Focus on the positive news to become an oasis of calm

If you spend most of your time (at least eight percent) focusing on the good, beautiful, uplifting, positive news, and reducing the negative news element you are hearing, you will make great strides toward a happier life. , more balanced lifestyle. You don’t need to remove awareness of current events, but you can have a calm and relaxed lifestyle. It is not a lifestyle of ignorance, it is a choice to make your existence more positive, which is a necessity in an environment that has seemingly headed for chaos. It can be an oasis of calm and you will find others who adopt your lifestyle choices as well.

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