Free energy for cars and trucks: is there such a thing?

This is something that has been in the American tech pipeline for decades. Patents have been developed for such potential environmental saving technologies, but for some reason they have been suppressed. Had these prototypes been released when they were developed, who knows what the world would look like today, surely a cleaner, less oil-hungry place.

So the question has to be asked, why would these brilliant patents that could potentially unlock free energy in cars and trucks be suppressed from being released? Many probably already have an idea agreed upon by the oil companies. Can you imagine the impact on gasoline demand in the mid-1980s? It would have been devastating for the oil companies, but potentially rejuvenating for our environment.

So what is ‘free energy’? Free energy is any form of energy that can be produced from readily available, sustainable, and preferably natural products. What if I told you now that the technology has arrived to run any car or truck on the simplest free energy available, water? That’s right, any car or truck can run on a combination of water and gasoline.

How does it work

At the center of this revolutionary free energy system for cars is the production of HHO gas (also known as Hydroxy or Brows gas). Basically, one creates a basic appliance from materials readily available at any hardware store. The device mounts under the hood of any car or truck and receives power (12 volts) from the car or truck battery. This is what produces the HHO gas, which is directed into the manifold or carburetor of the car or truck. So free energy is produced, mileage is increased by 30-50%, and gas costs are reduced by hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.


The concept of free energy for cars and trucks is no longer a dream or a developing technology. If you do a Google search now for a water-powered car, you’ll be amazed at the results you get. Be careful when selecting a brand for your water powered car building project; Always look for a proven track record, money back guarantee, and testimonials from satisfied customers. Enjoy the benefits of running your car or truck on free energy.

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