Good health or sugar: are you ready to let go of your pain?

No legitimate scientist or medical expert would deny that eating sugar is a health risk, or that it has any nutritional value, unless, of course, they work for or are sponsored by a company related to a sugar product.

I’ve seen nutritional conferences sponsored by confectionery companies, or medical discussions on allergies, without mentioning dairy because that topic was sponsored by the dairy corporation.

In a ridiculous move in a small town I used to live in, the baker proudly showed me a statement signed by his flour company stating that there was no such thing as a wheat allergy and that it was signed by an expert with a Ph.D.

If you cut all sugars out of your diet, and this includes all grains and processed foods for just one month, you can make some important discoveries about your health.

Typically, people lose weight, their skin improves, they have less joint and body pain, fewer headaches, more energy, and sleep better. Many even have a reduction in the symptoms of their autoimmune conditions.

Some will make big gains, some small, and some in between. The thing is, you won’t know unless you put the brakes on these foods. If you do this and cheat, you will never know what profits you could make.

I am confident that the vast majority of people will benefit, because there is at least 15 years of information available on millions of thousands of people.

So let’s say you find that your skin looks clearer and you have less joint pain and you lose some weight.

Suppose also that you love ice cream and bread. So the question would be: are the health benefits more important to you than the ice cream or the bread? What would your answer be?

For me, losing 11 pounds in 30 days was great for my ego and the fit of my jeans, but more importantly, reduction in my knee pain It was enough for me to say goodbye to muffins, pasta and ice cream and not look back.

What was interesting was that I didn’t even miss those foods and the other sugary foods I used to eat. I found that eating sugar made me want more sugar, and cutting out sugar soon stopped wanting it.

One morning I lashed out and had a gluten-free cookie, which turned out to have a lot of sugar, of course. At 3 pm that day I had a craving for bread for the first time in 3 weeks.

Will you try? Will you discover the benefits for yourself?

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