Home burglary prevention with a home security system

Hundreds of thousands of home burglaries occur each year, and while the risk of burglary and theft is not entirely preventable, there are all sorts of precautionary measures that homeowners and tenants can take to try to protect their families and things. .

Those who live alone and work outside the home, leaving their residences unattended all day, may be at higher risk of burglary, just as frequent travelers who often leave their homes for extended periods of time are at the highest risk of burglary. home. Experienced burglars will probably be able to detect which houses are inhabited by people with very regular hours and take advantage of them. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your home from burglary as much as possible to prevent break-ins both while you are at home and when you are away.

The necessary initial step is to install a reliable home security system provided by a well-known company. All types of security systems are available for all types of residences, whether it’s an apartment, condo, or duplex, or a detached home with a large property. Typically, a home security network will have at least one window and door alarm system, and there are others equipped with entry alarms and motion sensors. Camera surveillance is another option and is especially useful for those with large homes or extensive yards and areas of property. Home alarms can be connected directly to police and emergency dispatch, which is particularly interesting for frequent travelers and people who live alone, as well as remote homes that do not have close neighbors or roads with pedestrians that they would be alerted by an audible alarm.

Equip your windows and sliding glass doors with locks and install reliable deadbolts on all exterior doors. On doors with glass panels or windows directly on the side, add an extra key lock so the door cannot be easily opened from the inside, in case the glass is broken in a burglary to try to turn the lock and get in Through the door.

A well lit home is generally a safer home. Consider installing motion-sensor lights, which will alert anyone inside the house to movement outside, or timers on flood lights around your house, as well as some lights arranged around the patio and along the driveway. This will look decorative but will also eliminate large dark areas in the yard where burglars can hide. Blinds and curtains should be kept closed, especially at night, so as not to advertise your home possessions to the entire neighborhood.

And, specifically of interest to those who live in remote areas, consider getting a dog; even a small one will draw attention to anything suspicious or unexpected, especially in the middle of the night, and can scare off intruders simply by creating a disturbance. In fact, a large number of burglars have noted in interviews that they are much less likely to attempt to enter a home with a “Beware of Dog” sign, regardless of whether or not they know there is a dog in the home. property.

In the event your home is broken into while you’re not home, keep in mind that storing valuable and irreplaceable materials in a coded safe is a smart way to protect your belongings. While you’re on vacation, make sure a friend or neighbor comes by to pick up your mail, newspapers, and packages, and ask them to briefly inspect the property for any telltale signs, such as overturned patio furniture or dumpsters, that indicate that the owners are out of town.

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