Messaging Service Application Development: Everything Explained for You

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of mobile apps in shipping and courier services. An app can provide comprehensive convenience in package delivery for both service provider and customers. The service provider can track their customers as well as delivery agents to ensure faster delivery of services. Comfort is the key to winning in today’s market. And an on-demand delivery app can take your courier business to new heights of success by making your services available to people.

Apps play a vital role in the courier delivery industry and the sooner you realize that, the better it is.

So, here is how you can build an app for your courier and shipping company and get more customers.

Factors to consider when making a messaging app

Flexible and cost-effective services: The key idea of ​​developing an on-demand messaging app is to provide convenience to customers on the go. So make sure it offers the flexible services they need, like same-day delivery, last-minute courier service, and delivery of anything, regardless of its size, type, delivery location, and time.

Verification of drivers and packages: As you will be handling valuable parcels or personal belongings, it is necessary to verify your drivers. They must pass the third party background check and must also be rated good by the Department of Licensed Motor Vehicles. The guarantee of the authenticity of the drivers ensures the confidence in the clients.

Cross-platform support – This is perhaps a must-have factor to consider if you want to target the largest number of customers for your delivery app. Developing it for iOS or Android will make you lose a particular group of mobile users. So, make no mistake, go for a cross-platform app for your messaging business.

It’s time to get into the features your customers need in the delivery app.

Necessary functions in a messaging service application

Account settings

As a first step, customers can create their own account with name, area zip code, contact number and other personal information. This is necessary to allow delivery agents to find your place easily. You can also allow customers to sign in to the account with their social media accounts.

Pickup and delivery scheduling

Let customers schedule a package pickup and delivery based on their needs with your app, plus hire delivery agents. In addition to that, make sure that they can change the delivery times according to the availability of the recipient.

cost calculator

How will customers know about delivery charges for a package? Therefore, there is a need for a cost calculator function with which they can know the package delivery charges as they enter the delivery address, the weight of the package, the time within which it must be delivered, etc.

Real-time order tracking

Well, it’s a must-have feature for your app to help customers know the status of their package after it’s shipped. It is important to allow them to track the real-time location of the package, the name of the delivery executive and other details so that they can feel completely secure about their valuable products.

Customer service in the application

Customers should have a direct helpline or chatbot where they can communicate directly with the delivery agency’s support team. This is a must to allow customers to instantly speak to someone when they face a problem delivering their packages.

Apart from all these basic features, what you need most to make your app more beneficial for on-demand delivery services are multiple payment systems, real-time order notifications, deals/discounts, order history, ratings, and reviews. Now that you know the key things to consider when developing a messaging app, you can get started with an experienced and trusted app development partner.

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