Ohganix: Putting the sexy in organic underwear

When Michelle Kramer, owner and designer of Ohganix underwear, was 10 years old, she saw the Miss America pageant and knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. He saw the beautiful dresses and knew that he also wanted to create something beautiful. This isn’t necessarily the career you envision for a small-town Wisconsin girl. As soon as Kramer graduated from high school at 18, he went on his own to pursue his passion in Los Angeles, California.

Michelle spent two years in school and realized that she was not getting what she wanted from her experience. He took a break and moved to Las Vegas to live with his mother and work things out. While in Las Vegas, he launched FollowYourFashion.com, a social media website for emerging fashion designers. He also discovered a new passion: health and wellness. She is a raw food chef and loves recreational fitness. Michelle describes herself as VERY green. His two passions collided just over two years ago when he overheard Dr. Brian Clement lecture in Orange County, California, while promoting his new book “Killer Clothes.” It revealed the dangers of wearing conventionally dyed and manufactured clothing. Michelle discovered that our skin absorbs over 60% of the chemicals and dyes that come in contact with it. Michelle had an “ah ha!” moment and found what he had been looking for: health conscious fashion, environmental conscious. Researching what products were already available, Michelle discovered that all organic underwear was really “hippy” or “granola”, not sexy! It found its niche! In Michelle’s words, “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function or health for hip.” Ohganix was born.

When you visit the Ohganix website, you can see that Michelle has kept her design simple. Simple and sexy. When asked how he came up with the name, I heard a giggle: “Well, like in Big O. And an x ​​at the end for sexy.” These are not your grandmother’s panties! Michelle puts a lot of thought and research into her fabrics and designs. You want to create the cleanest and purest product. All Ohganix designs are tested for fit and comfort. The ultimate goal is for users to forget that they are wearing Ohganix, to feel so comfortable that they want to live with them. A great benefit of using natural fibers like Cotton, Tencel (Eucalyptus), and Modal (Beech) is that the fibers become softer as you wear and wash them. Therefore, Ohganix comfortable underwear only gets better with wear.

Most important, however, are the health benefits you get from maintaining fabrics made with harsh chemicals and skin dyes. Ohganix offers this chemical-free alternative without sacrificing the beauty of the garment. Ohganix fabrics allow your skin to breathe. The garments are expressly designed to allow free blood and lymphatic flow. Bras are designed to accommodate the natural movement of the breasts. Using Ohganix is ​​like wearing a second skin.

When asked who or what inspires her in her business, Michelle said without hesitation: “Lulu Lemon. A Canadian yoga and sportswear company that expanded into everyday wear. They stayed true to their quality and vision as they grew. . They offer excellent attention to detail. I want to grow the same way: keep my company in the country and keep my employees passionate about what they are doing. ” Michelle sees Ohganix expanding from intimate wear to loungewear and then to everyday wear.

Michelle also admires Victoria’s Secret, the way they made intimate apparel a “common good.” Michelle hopes to do the same with natural and organic underwear and clothing. She is paving the way for eco-friendly underwear to become the next staple.

She is on to something! Just as organic food has become more popular and more common with growing consumer awareness of the benefits of eating raw organic food, I imagine this will extend to what we all put into our bodies as well. As Michelle learned a couple of years ago, we absorb a tremendous amount of chemicals from our lotions, soaps, shampoos, and makeup. Chemicals and dyes also enter our bodies through our clothing. So, at least for those consumers concerned about what they put into their bodies now, it wouldn’t take much to convince them of the benefits of limiting the toxic chemicals they put into their bodies. When asked how she would convince someone indecisive to buy organic clothing, Michelle said she would make them feel like her fabrics and urge them to invest in their health. What happens, enters.

What could prevent some consumers from buying Ohganix and other organic garments is the price. To help you understand the price, consider what goes into producing Ohganix underwear. Each item is made in the United States with domestic fabrics at Fair Trade American labor prices. This in itself is special. According to Bradley Blackburn of ABC World News, “About 98 percent of the clothes you buy in the United States are imported from abroad. Only two percent of the clothes you buy in this country are made on American soil.” Edition (March 10, 2011)

Additionally, fabrics and manufacturing are thoroughly researched to ensure a pure and healthy end product. The finest details are considered from the detail of the embroidery to the softness and comfort of each piece to the use of eco-friendly materials for the hang tags. This does not even take into consideration the testing required in a new market and not just testing the finished garment. Different natural fabrics absorb the dye and shrink differently. Since Ohganix ™ still produces products in small batches, there are challenges in obtaining the exact fabrics desired. When the fabric is ordered in small quantities, it is more expensive and there is no guarantee of getting the exact fabric from one order to another.

However, Michelle has made great discoveries that are bringing her closer to her ideal. A recent discovery is a dye company that uses natural ingredients for its dyes: fruit and flower extracts, tea, bark, and even mud. And the colors have already been fine-tuned for consistency. You are also working to take the next step in production with a company you trust that meets your high standards.

As more consumers vote with their dollars buying eco-friendly clothing, more costs will be reduced. Higher demand leads to higher production, which leads to lower costs for the manufacturer. This translates into good news for us: healthy and less expensive clothes. Healthy clothing more accessible to everyone.

To learn more and invest in your health, visit http://Ohganix.com.

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