Review of God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon

I am a book person and have recently been reading one book a week, sometimes two. In the last two weeks I have read two books that I know I will continue to read and study in more detail, one is “Time is running out” by Rheinhard Bonkke and the second is this book.

A few weeks ago I saw this book in the hands of a friend of mine and I liked the title and quickly became interested and read with interest what the back cover said. I learned more from my friend Mark, who was in the middle of reading it and said that it was not only impressive how it covered the 12 lives of these famous preachers, apostles and healing evangelists and what they taught and a detailed account of their ministry, but also pointed out where some of them fell into error and carefully explained in an elegant way that it could happen to anyone and encouraged the reader not to fall like them.

Today I got it at 7:30 p.m. and now it’s 5 a.m. and I’m ¾ of the way there.

Let me say this quite frankly.

Going out to the movies and eating in a cafe can be done for around $30 in Australia, where I live, and people don’t think about that. But when it comes to spending that kind of money on a book, they want to know everything and need some convincing.

Guys, if you have a full time calling in your life in the future, this book is a must have for you.

The book details the lives of 12 people who were mightily used by God with all the signs and wonders that followed. the 12 people are

John Alexander Dowie Maria Woodworth Etter Evan Roberts Charles F Purham William J Seymour John G Lake Smith Wiggelsworth Aimee Semple Mc Pherson Kathryn Kuhlman William Branham Jack Coa AA Allen

When I read the list of people mentioned in the book, I recognized the names of Karthyn Kuhlman, William Branham, Smith Wiggelsworth, and John G. Lake, but it wasn’t the list of names that interested me, it was the title of the book.

When Americans first attacked Iraq on television for all to see in 1990, I learned what a general was. I learned that the American president was the commander and boss, but the man on the ground who took it upon himself to win a war was the general. Until that moment he had not even understood what a general was.

Put in a modern context, Jesus Christ is our commander and boss in heaven in a faraway place, but we are destined to come with his power and authority and take dominion over this earth in a real war with Satan for the lives of people. perishing God needs his Apostles and prophets on earth today, brave and courageous men in the position of general and he needed them yesterday.

I received an unlikely prophetic word from a man who was dying in an insane asylum some eight years ago when he poured a cup of water on me and said, “You are God’s general, a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin.”

Until I read this book I never realized the full meaning of that prophetic statement. I have received many prophecies about my future and they all confirm that I have a full time calling in my life and that my role will be a bit of a national agitator.

In this book, the story of John Alexander Dowie really lit my heart on fire and gave me a passion to go out and start preaching and healing. I’ve already fallen victim to his downfall in the past, so I’m wary of going down that path twice. I have to laugh, I can tell you a lot or I’ll spoil the book, but I resonated so strongly with him with his zeal for people and for God and the way he fell.

Maria Woodworth Etter was the best I have read so far as I have only completed seven. It’s so refreshing that the best thing I ever read was about a woman preacher in the 1900s, when women preachers weren’t in fashion or allowed, and her story lit a flame in my heart.

Evan Roberts reads a revival in Wales and they say that the revivals in the US come from his teachings, correspondence and prayers for the people of the US He was a young man and he had a zeal for God that was very attractive. Every one of these guys I will have to go back and read again.

And the list goes on. Each person is covered in great detail and we are given a valuable glimpse into their lives and teachings, as well as the well-documented healings that occurred in their ministries that even the popular media published. Many of them suffer a great attack.

It was reported in the statistics that in a city where John G Lake was ministering, that city was the healthiest city in the world at the time. He did more than 100,000 cures in that city, verified and documented by the press and doctors.

John G Lake in five years in South Africa led 100,000 people to the Lord, planted over 600 churches and raised over 1200 pastors into full time ministry. And they did it in poverty, sometimes pastors dying at his call.

To anyone who wants to be used of God in the future or in full-time ministry, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Because of that, I just spent half an hour of my time writing this review.

For $15:63 on Amazon as I post this today, I have to say put some money into your faith. It is an amazing book. takes you where you can read more reviews from people who posted them on Amazon.

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