Semi-integrated versus fully integrated dishwasher: which is better?

I don’t know about you, but a dishwasher is something I couldn’t live without. The main reason is that I just don’t like handling dirty and greasy dishes. I also like the convenience of being able to pop dirty dishes right into my dishwasher, out of sight, so my kitchen looks tidy right after finishing a meal.

I have renovated several times over the years, but had never really thought about the various styles of dishwashers. I just bought what looked good and fit my budget. Recently, when I moved into an older house that needed renovation, I realized that there are two main types of dishwashers, semi-integrated and fully integrated. They both basically work the same way, with the main difference between them being in the design detail. Aesthetics aside, there are a few other things to consider when deciding between the two.

fully integrated dishwasher

Just as its name suggests, a fully integrated dishwasher blends seamlessly with the surrounding kitchen cabinets. The front of the dishwasher can be left exposed or hidden behind a door to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets. The control panel, along with the opening, is usually at the top of the door, out of sight. For ease of use and to make opening and closing the door easier, a handle can be attached to the front of the dishwasher or cabinet in which it is housed. Whether you choose to leave the front of the dishwasher exposed or covered, with its clean, elegant lines, a fully integrated model will enhance the appearance of any kitchen. In my opinion, it looks especially at home in a modern kitchen when using a stainless steel or colored fascia.

Semi-integrated dishwashers

The control panel for a semi-integrated dishwasher is located at the top front of the dishwasher. Because of this, this type of dishwasher can be partially, but not completely, hidden behind a cabinet door. Hiding it completely would mean that it would not be possible to access the control panel and the opening/closing mechanism. Some semi-integrated washers come with decorative panels that can be changed to give the kitchen a different look or customized to match existing cabinets. Price and ease of access to the control panel are things to consider when deciding which type of dishwasher will be right for you.

Which dishwasher is right for you?

Families with young children may prefer a fully integrated dishwasher, as the controls will be out of reach of children.

Those who like to know how far into the wash cycle the machine has reached may prefer a semi-integrated dishwasher as this information can be easily viewed without opening the dishwasher door.

As for cost, I found that fully integrated models generally cost more than their semi-integrated counterparts. However, this varies by make and model, which means that a more standard fully-built-in washer can be cheaper than a semi-built-in washer that has all the bells and whistles.

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