Singing High Notes: With Proper Training, You Can Sing High Notes Too

Singers like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Beyonce make it easy to sing in the stratosphere. However, singing in your upper register can be quite a challenge. In fact, learning to sing high notes takes a lot of dedication and practice. However, if you have the drive and discipline, you can also learn to sing high notes.

Your voice is something many people take for granted. However, what you must learn is that your voice is essentially the product of the work that your vocal cords do. Those vocal cords are muscles, and that means that, just like an athlete, you need to train your muscles. As you train them, they will have greater endurance, more flexibility, and will be able to go further.

To begin training so that you can learn to sing high notes, you will need to take a basic range test of your voice. The truth is that each voice fits into a different range depending on the gender and the individual person. For example, women traditionally fit into the following categories: Soprano (high), Mezzo Soprano (medium), and Alto (low). While men fall into the categories of: tenor (high), baritone (medium) and bass (low). The rank of a man will be lower than that of a woman, with the exception of some rare cases.

Once you have an idea of ​​what range your voice falls into, you can start working on learning how to sing high notes in that range. There was talk of a previous formation. To train your voice, you will want to perform various vocalizations. A vocalization is a vocal exercise designed to strengthen your voice. Often times, these are exercises in which you move up or down a scale by several syllables. For example, you may simply want to hum down the scale with a slight hum while moving up the scale with an open “ah” sound. These are performed by raising and lowering the keyboard respectively within the limits of your vocal range. If you do this consistently, you will find that your vocal range will expand both up and down.

However, not everything about how to sing high notes is about the actual notes your voice can reach. In fact, many people can sing extremely high notes, but they are not always pleasant to hear. In fact, much of how you sing high notes has to do with placement and intonation. When you talk about location, which basically means where the focused sound of your voice is coming from. For example, for those who are focused on how to sing high notes, they will want to think about the location of the voice at the top of the nasal cavity. This is where your lead voice can be most concentrated and strong. Usually if you have the correct placement while singing those high notes, you can feel your nose vibrate gently.

Intonation refers to how you use your mouth to create the vowel sound in which you are singing. For example, traditionally you want your mouth to open more horizontally rather than vertically for a less shrill and fuller sound.

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