Stripper Salary – How Hard Do You Have To Work?

Let’s go to some of the most important aspects of stripper salaries. One thing most people want to know is how much money strippers actually make. And one of the most common responses you will hear is “It depends.”

And it depends on many different things. It depends on how the girl looks and what the boys want, the attitude of the girl and the attitude of the boy, where the club is located and the type of customer the club attracts, the time of year, the time of day , on the day of the week, does the girl fit into the club (or does the club fit into the girl), is she the new girl, is she an extra girl (how far will she bend the rules) and most important of all: ¿ Can the girl hurry up?

As you can see, the amount of money a stripper makes is incredibly variable. What I can tell you is that for most seasoned strippers, a hundred bucks or less for a six hour shift is pretty bad, really, really bad. What most girls are looking to earn is in the range of $ 300 to $ 600 per shift, and some girls earn between $ 600 and $ 1,000 per shift, but hitting those numbers is not easy. Think about it. If you work a six-hour shift and earn $ 300, that’s $ 50.00 / hour! Selling dances for $ 20 each, that’s almost 3 dances per hour. It’s not too difficult, is it? Well, it can be if you don’t know how to be a successful stripper and get guys to buy dances. For those girls, sometimes there is another option.

Some clubs will now offer you the opportunity to be an employee of the club. This means that you are paid the minimum wage for the hours you work. However, the club can tell you what to wear, who to dance for, how to act, when you work, and how long you work. They pay you a stripper salary, and then you give all your dance money to the club, and they give you a small percentage back. This is not the way most girls want their stripper career to be, I know it is not.

So back to stripper wages: you make or break your money based on how hard you are willing to work for it. If you stay in the dressing room all night, or sit alone and pout, you won’t make any money. You need to go out, talk to guys, sell dances, and have a good stage to make money getting naked.

The sale of dances is where most of the money you earn will come from, not from the sets, but from the dances. So, to become a successful stripper, you must learn to sell dances. Fortunately, most girls will and can learn to sell dances, but it never hurts to learn sales techniques. I learned a lot of mine on the job, but the best techniques for me came from a sales training class for dancers. So check out stripper school, learn how to sell dances, and earn some money!

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