The Best Country Music Playlists & Podcasts

Music Playlists & Podcasts

If you love country music, you have probably listened to some of these podcasts or played them on your iPod. These audio programs are an excellent way to learn about new artists and get closer to the performers themselves. Many of them also cover controversial topics in the genre and allow fans to interact with the artists directly. So, whether you’re an avid listener or not, there’s a country music podcast for you.

If you enjoy listening to country music, you can listen to podcasts by a variety of genres. For example, the Coke & Rhinestones podcast by Tyler Mahan Coe focuses on the music business, while the This Nashville Life by Kelleigh Bannen features the voice of the singer. In addition to these, you can listen to the Foo Fighters member Chris Shiflett’s voice.

Another great podcast is The Whiskey Riff, which welcomes all kinds of women to share their opinions on country music. The two-part show is a mixture of live interviews and commentary with real country fans. Episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, and on Caroline’s website. You can subscribe to the podcasts on Apple Music or any other streaming service. The Boot has a long list of favorite country music podcasts and playlists, including The Boot’s Cocaine & Rhinestones.

If you prefer listening to podcasts, you may also enjoy The Whiskey Riff. This podcast features a weekly rant about best country music podcasts by the unfiltered voice of a real country fan. The Whiskey Riff Raff podcast is a great way to hear a new song or tune into a podcast that is focused on the genre. You can subscribe to The WhiskeyRiff Raff through iTunes, Spotify, or other popular podcast platforms.

The Best Country Music Playlists & Podcasts

There are so many podcasts available on the internet, and they are very easy to download and listen to. The Boot’s top podcasts include Tyler Mahan Coe’s Cocaine & Rhinestones, a podcast about country music. For more information about the industry, you can listen to This Nashville Life. It also features episodes from various musicians, from Chris Shiflett to Dolly Parton.

If you’re looking for podcasts about the industry, you’ll want to subscribe to The Boot. Their podcast, “This Nashville Life,” is hosted by Kevin Sokolnicki and is an excellent way to learn about the country music industry. This is also a great podcast for beginners as it discusses the latest and greatest country music news. And if you’re a fan of new artists, you’ll be glad you listen to this podcast.

You can find tons of podcasts dedicated to the industry. These podcasts are great for learning about new artists and their latest projects. There’s no better way to learn about new artists than to listen to their own music. And by listening to these podcasts, you can discover the most influential country music musicians and their works. They’ll inspire you to be the best country singer you can be. And it won’t cost you a cent.

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