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In 2005, Travel and Leisure magazine ranked many international spas based on their service, atmosphere, treatments, and value. The ten spas with the highest overall ratings were named the World’s Best Destination Spas. This article will list the top ten spas as decided by Travel and Leisure and offer information on their services, location, and specialization:

10. Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin Spa Resort, located in Austin, Texas, was ranked 10th in the 2005 awards. Specializing primarily in the areas of fitness and self-awareness, Lake Austin Spa Resort offers classes in fitness, water sports, gardening, cooking, self-awareness , special interests, relationships, and arts and crafts. They have been voted among the top ten spas in the US by many sources over the past four years.

9. Canyon Ranch at Berkshires Health Resort

Canyon Ranch at Berkshires Health Resort, located in Lenox, Massachusetts, was voted ninth best in the 2005 awards. The 100,000-square-foot spa contains yoga studios, indoor swimming, an indoor jogging track, tennis courts, racquetball, and indoor squash, spa rooms and 126 hotel rooms and suites. Some of the activities offered at Canyon Ranch at Berkshires Health Resort are hiking, biking, tennis, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, and skiing. Canyon Ranch specializes in health-related spa visits and therefore offers packages for stress management, pain management, smoking cessation, among others.

8. Baths of Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia, located in Grosseto, Italy, was voted 8th Best in the 2005 Awards. Staff members speak many languages ​​to cater to their guests of many nationalities. Terme di Saturnia is a fitness, health and relaxation spa offering exceptional spa services, fitness classes and diet menus, and cosmetology and dermatology services. The spa is built around a large thermal pool in which, 3,000 years ago, Etruscan warriors bathed to help heal their wounds.

7. Golden Gate

Golden Door, located in Escondido, California, was voted seventh best at the 2005 awards. Golden Door offers week-long health and fitness programs, a world-class spa, beauty and fitness facilities, gourmet cuisine, a high staff to guest ratio, male/female only weeks, mixed weeks and private weeks for company travel. . The food at Golden Door is all organic. Their fruits and vegetables are grown in their own organic garden, their turkey is raised in a free-roam environment on local farms, and their fish is caught fresh from the Pacific Ocean.

6. Canyon Ranch Spa

Canyon Ranch Health Resort, located in Tucson, Arizona, was voted 6th Best in the 2005 awards. However, they were voted Best Overall in 1999, 2000, and 2001. The focus at Canyon Ranch is health and well-being in all aspects. They offer award-winning nutritious cooking, preventive and integrative medicine, fitness classes, healing waters, and programs designed for emotional health as well. Canyon Ranch is located in the desert and offers several types of rooms to choose from during your stay.

5. La Puerta Ranch

Rancho La Puerta, located in Tecate, Mexico, was voted fifth best at the 2005 awards. The focus at Rancho La Puerta is pampering yourself and staying in shape. The pampering services on offer at Rancho La Puerta are numerous, offering eight different types of massages, seven types of body treatments, five different facials, salon services, head, hand and foot services, and hydrotherapy. In addition, they offer classes in gymnastics, pilates, tennis, arts and crafts, lectures, and walks.

4. Hilton Head Health Institute

Hilton Head Health Institute, located in South Carolina, was voted fourth best in the 2005 awards. The Hilton Head Health Institute focuses on weight loss and chronic disease management. Mainly, they help people learn healthier eating habits to lose weight, prevent or control diabetes, or improve cardiovascular health. In addition, they offer smoking cessation classes, fitness classes, and spa services.

3. Valle Verde Spa

Green Valley Spa, located in George, Utah, was voted 3rd Best in the 2005 awards. While Green Valley Spa doesn’t appear to have a specialization, it seems to cater to nature lovers. Guests can hike, mountain bike, rock climb, and horseback ride in local state and national parks including Zion Brice, Grand Canyon, and Snow Canyon. However, Green Valley Spa also offers fitness and weight loss activities, general spa services, award-winning cuisine, medical procedures, and spiritual activities.

2. My Love

Mii Amo, located in Sedona, Arizona, was voted 2nd Best in the 2005 Awards. The focus at Mii Amo is physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual renewal. Activities at Mii Amo include hiking, yoga, tennis, water aerobics, meditation, photography, and Native American storytelling. In addition, Mii Amo offers general spa services.

1. Miraval – Life in Balance

Miraval – Life in Balance, located in Catalina, Arizona, was voted the world’s best spa by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2005. Miraval’s spa offerings include massage and hydrotherapy suites, a full salon, a quiet room, wet steam, dry sauna and whirlpool rooms. In addition, they offer numerous activities, including fitness, golf and tennis, nutrition, creative expression, meditation, yoga, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and climbing, among others.

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