The Five Pillars of Kindness: Frank Kern’s Secret to Success

Have you ever heard of Frank Kern? He’s probably the highest-earning internet marketer on the planet, as well as one of the coolest, smoothest guys you’ll ever meet. Waking up this morning, I checked my email box to find an email from Frank Kern himself with an amazing video he put together that took my breath away.

When Frank talks about marketing, I shut up, stop what I’m doing, and listen. I mean come on, the guy has made up to $ 27 million in a year online and last year he made about $ 9 million in revenue on 1 product. If only one!

Do you think you and I could learn anything from the boy? I’m going to give you what Frank Kern shared with me, so sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Pillar n. # 1: know the desired result of your list or audience

Many internet marketers have huge lists, but they don’t make money off that list. A true marketer will know what your niche is and what you want. To be successful in this game, you must know exactly what people want and help them achieve it.

Pillar n. # 2: Overcome your skepticism with wonder and kindness.

Ok, you’re probably saying, “Josh, what the hell are you talking about”? Well, here it goes. When someone joins your list and signs up, they do so because they want to get one step closer to the desired outcome. Your job is to do your best and give them your best for free. Do not spot yourself. It’s about building trust with people, and if you can deliver the products, you’re going to have that trust. Give them your “secret weapon” that you have used to produce the best results for yourself.

Pillar n. # 3: show they can achieve the desired result

You want your list to know that they can do it. Doubt ruins ambition and when people doubt, they won’t take another step with you. You want to show them that other people are having the success they want. Show them testimonials and evidence of what has happened to people in your program who have followed the system and been successful. Social proof is everything and the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Pillar n. # 4: give people the upfront tools they need to get started

Offer people 5 FREE bonuses to help them start getting closer to their desired outcome. Depending on what you are selling or trying to sell, this will be different in each case. Give them something that they can walk away with and be successful even if they don’t associate with you or buy anything from you. Again, this goes a long way in earning people’s trust and giving them pure value. You want to be an added value to people’s lives.

Pillar n. 5: motivate people to go further

You want to bid for your list with your best interests in mind, not yours. If you follow the steps above and have built trust with your list, they will be motivated to go further because they see that you are someone of value and have positioned yourself as an authority. When they see that you have their best interests in mind, you will be able to do business with people for many years, over and over again.

In conclusion

Just to recap the 5 pillars, you want to know people’s desired outcomes, help them overcome skepticism with a jaw-dropping coldness, show they can be successful by using testimonials, give people the tools they need to get started. and finally motivate people to take the next steps taking their interests into account.

This is the Iron-Clad process that Frank has used to create his empire and now he has selflessly shared it with me so that I in turn can share it with you.

A cordial greeting,

Joshua K. Boxer

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