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“Scientists say that energy can never be destroyed or created.”

Things accumulate energy. Things reflect energy. There may be few places, instances, experiences that we just don’t like, but we can’t “point it out”. Similarly, buildings are made of possessions and people… let’s say things and thoughts. Buildings not only protect from weather and wind! We spend more than 90% of their lives in spaces: houses, offices or schools. We collect things and things collect and reflect energy… so where does the energy of thoughts go? And what does it mean to keep clutter away on all levels: mind, body, and spirit? Can thoughts alter and affect the energies around us or do energies alter thoughts?

There are energies around us that affect us. They can be good or bad and each one has its own defense mechanism to deal with them. Few can resist what others cannot. Nature shows examples of how it orients itself: trees like peach, oak, fir, cherry, ‘Asoka’, all thrive despite bad energy. Animals such as ants, bees, insects, bacteria, and cats have antennae that act like dowsing rods. They are dowsing rods to help a butterfly tune in to a certain energy network and guide its flight through the world. We humans, however, perceive more, but for a butterfly it is irrelevant, but we suffer from being exposed to harmful energies. It is the same for trees like apple, pear, and plum; lilacs and sunflowers. Pets like dogs, cows, horses, and chickens are all too easily affected. This takes us deep into the energetic level where there are different layers and types of energy.

This journey will guide us to define, nurture and enjoy our favorite place as our pet. The microcosm and the macrocosm will balance to harmonize all creative energies.

The universe is an amalgamation of perfection and imperfection. Only when the imperfection continues to bring unwanted effects, the human being awakens. Uncertainty opens many options. It also takes a combination of factors to manifest a serious defect. And a defect is serious when we are unbalanced and we cannot resist or handle it. Vaastu will suggest corrective methods and not too many compromises. There are laws of geopathic stress and the method of balancing the qualities of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. These laws work on 3 levels: energetic, karmic and geometric and affect each person differently. They are all explained in Vaastu: that is the name of ancient biophysics.

A simple example: wherever your dog likes to rest is a good place for you. Cats, on the other hand, indicate the opposite. Likewise, we all have our favorite corners, and they are worth tuning in to, protecting, and using as powerful tools for success. The very deep laws of the cosmos can be very simple mathematical formulas. Each object, experience and thought must have its own quality and pattern of energy. We will identify and learn the scientific explanations behind them, slowly but surely! 🙂

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