Turn weak speech into powerful talk

Are you a victim of Weak Speak? Do your words betray you?
If you’ve ever wondered why your employees don’t follow your lead or why your ideas are never accepted, here’s an idea. You may be telling people that their ideas are not important. It is not enough to have confident body language and a strong voice if your words are weak.

You are minimizing yourself when you say: “This is just a thought”, “I am just a beginner”, “I would like to make a suggestion”.
Weak words like hopefully suggest, feel, can, in a way, in a way, I think they weaken your conviction. Imagine a salesperson saying:

“Hopefully, I’ve shown him that buying from us could increase his income.” The potential buyer will walk away upon hearing this type of message. The real message is “Don’t buy from me. I don’t believe what I’m saying.”
Weak speech consists of slogans, weak words, jargon, apologies, minimizers, colorless words, and sloppy language.

This is what you can do:
Slogans. Eliminate them. Tag lines are added to the end of a statement. Phrases like “Don’t you think?” “It is not like this?” “Right?” It will sound like you’re asking for permission.

Weak words. Instead, substitute power words.

I feel like I know
I think I am confident
If when, for
Suggest Recommend
Something like that is
Could Will, definitely
Challenge Problem
Worried worried
Share Discuss

Jargon. Explain it. By adding buzzwords or acronyms to your presentation, you risk losing some or all of your audience. Define terms and don’t assume they understand your verbal shorthand.

Apologies. Skip them. Don’t apologize or belittle yourself. Overuse of the word “sorry” will make you look weak.

Minimizers. Delete the. Using “only” and “only” will tell the listener that you are less than something. Don’t minimize yourself or your message.

Colorless words. Paint a picture of words. You won’t move people to action if your words are dry. Spice up your talk with metaphors, analogies and alliterations.

Careless speech. Speak slowly and carefully. Muttering, incorrect pronunciation, and difficulty speaking create a negative impression and are difficult to understand. Record yourself and practice prayer exercises.

Tune in and listen to your language. By transforming your words, you will increase your credibility, take over and sell your ideas.

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