What should you invest in? An expert answer

Do you want to know what will give you the best return on your investment? Some time ago, I was asked to participate in a YouTube live video with a close friend. Matt is an extremely smart business owner and financial advisor. In the past, I traveled all over the United States teaching people some unique strategies to reduce debt and increase cash flow. However, the journey burned him. He moved his education from the stage to the largest educational platform on the internet, Youtube. His channel has taken off and just hit 100K subscribers, and they are still coming. People like him because he is extremely smart, direct, and honest.

During this YouTube live Matt led a small team, including me, to answer questions from viewers as they entered. One of the questions we get is an extremely difficult question to answer, but a very, very important one. “I have money. What should I invest in?”

I say this is a difficult question to answer because the real answer is; “Depends.” It depends, they are factors like; your risk tolerance, your time, the amount of investment, the people involved, your knowledge of the vehicle, your horizon and much more. Matt turned to me and I did my best to respond. I said my advice would be to invest in something you’re good at. You can make a lot of money on many different vehicles, so work with something that you understand and enjoy. I know someone who is making money from cryptocurrencies, but there is no possibility that they are investing in that. Matt took the mic next and blew my answer out of the water. (I wish I had gone first). He said you need to invest in yourself and in business. Starting a business will generate more income than a passive investment, but the key here is to invest in yourself. The reality is that no investment country offers greater returns than investing in you.

I owe a large part of my success to the home study courses I absorbed, as well as the real estate and business consultants I hired. I committed to two action items early on that made a difference for me in my career.

  1. I spent a minimum of $ 1,000 a year on home study courses. This was a lot of money for me and it was only one course a year!
  2. I wouldn’t buy another book or course until I implemented at least one thing that I learned from the last book or course I went through.

After I started making money, I started investing more in myself, which included mentors and coaches. I even recently worked with a business coach to help me with Pine Financial. The knowledge I gained from dedicating myself has paid me millions of dollars and continues to pay me today.

Although Pine Financial does not offer coaching or make money directly from education, we do offer a lot of education. With the exception of one event a year, everything we do is free and we don’t stop. Our thinking is that if we can help you succeed, we will too. The best way to get free information from us is on our new YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out and subscribe. Maybe one day we too will get 100,000 subscribers!

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