Wooden dog kennels: where to put your dog kennel

It is not clear whether dogs prefer wooden dog houses or a different material, however the most universal dog house is built of wood, just like our houses!

Most small dogs live indoors, so a doghouse is usually not a problem. Medium and large sized dogs often live outdoors in their own wooden dog houses.

Finding a large dog house or an oversized dog house is what most people have trouble with. You can find plans on the Internet for wooden dog houses, as well as free plans for wooden dog houses. Acquiring the blueprints hints at a “do it yourself” approach or getting someone else to do it for you.

You can locate pre-built houses locally from time to time, as people’s houses. This is the preference of many dog ​​owners, but it may require a bit of detective work.

The best location for an outdoor doghouse is not always the most common location. Most people seem to locate their wooden dog houses in the back of their backyards. This is not only inconvenient for you, but it is also highly undesirable for the dog.

Dogs are extremely social creatures, and instead of placing them in the back of your yard, you might consider them near a back door, a side yard, or the front yard. The dog will primarily want to be anywhere people hang out often, especially if the dog’s owners frequent that area of ​​the yard.

The doghouse needs to be raised off the ground, perhaps with bricks near the foundation, so wooden doghouses trap airspace underneath to aid in insulation.

To avoid the winter cold of the dog, you should have some type of wind blocker in front of the entrance of the dog house. An “L” shaped doghouse, or a flap that is smaller, can also work well, anything that deflects the bitter wind off your dog.

So that the dog does not suffer a flea infestation and a tick control is required. Consult with your veterinarian about the methods to achieve this.

Dogs enjoy the dog house location to keep them tidy, so getting rid of dog droppings and keeping the location tidy will leave your dog more satisfied. Always try to allow the dogs a good view of the wooden doghouse section. These are many aspects that are essential to have a satisfied dog in a happy house!

Offering a dog walkway is perfect, it allows a dog to run and still be restrained. Similar to two sizable poles approximately 30 feet apart with a durable rope stretched between them. Attach the dog harness to the lanyard so that it slides its full length between the posts. Dogs love this extra freedom.

Keep wooden dog houses cool in summer, warm in winter, clean and dry, and no direct wind to hit them. Keep food and especially water near your wooden dog houses. Find a good dog food that will keep your dog nourished and healthy. Never feed cooked chicken bones, they will splinter.

Visit their wooden dog houses. What they like the most is exercise and regular contact with the owner!

Allow dogs to have toys and chew on bones near your wooden dog houses. Have a happy dog ​​- play with him / her often!

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