Your aura can attract or repel success, love and wealth!

– Why a healthy aura is important:

When your aura is healthy, you are able to detect positive situations and take advantage of them for your own benefit and easily attract them to you. But when your aura is blocked or damaged, it becomes a magnet for the wrong kinds of people, negative events and wonderful opportunities passing you by. Learning to clean and strengthen your aura is important to change all that. Consider this your first step towards a healthy, happy and successful life!

– Everyone has an aura

This natural energy field that we all emit typically extends between three and six feet from your body. If your aura is very strong, it can spread an even greater distance. That’s why some people seem so lucky, because they have a strong aura. On the other hand, if you have been through a lot of trauma and negativity in your life, your aura can become very weak, small, and full of holes. It can extend only an inch beyond his physical body, if at all.

Your aura gives an incredibly accurate picture of how you feel and are doing in life right now. I have done many aura readings in the past, including for pets, and my clients are always intrigued and amazed by what I find in their aura field.

– Your Aura Also Emits Colors

Different colors resonate at different levels, giving off their own kind of vibes. I won’t go into the individual colors in this article, but I will in a future post. For now, we are going to work on cleaning, strengthening and changing the color of your aura. This is important as you want to give off the best vibes you can! The more positive your energy field is, the more you will attract beneficial people and opportunities into your life.

– An easy exercise with huge benefits

1. A very simple way to work on the new energy of the aura is to sit or lie down when you feel most relaxed. I always recommend in the morning when you first wake up and/or at night when you are ready to go to bed. These are the best times to meditate because it enters your subconscious much more easily.

2. Close your eyes, take three deep, cleansing breaths, then imagine yourself with a crystal egg around you. Inside this crystal egg is a swirl of black smoke that represents any negativity and emptiness in your life. I also like to imagine the names of the things that bother me like: Overdue bills, Argument with the boss, Back pain, etc. Anything that is stressful for you right now.

3. Now imagine a brilliant rainbow light descending from your loving spirit guides towards the top of the egg, penetrating it, filling it and finally breaking it open. The black smoke starts moving away from you.

4. Visualize warm, energizing rainbow-colored light filling your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, chest, pelvis, thighs, calves, and feet. At this point you may start to feel warmth throughout your body, perhaps a tingling sensation or something else in your mind and body that shows this is working. Even if you don’t feel anything at all, continue with the exercise and have faith that it is working.

5. Once you are at this point, imagine the rainbow light coming out through your feet, taking all the negativity, all those stressors that are bothering you, with it towards the center of the earth where it burns. (I like to imagine that any negativity is burned into oblivion rather than sent out into the universe and polluted.)

At this point you are empty and clean.

6. Now visualize a color blooming in the center of your chest. See it as a very small light that grows in intensity with each breath you take. youThe color that comes to you is the color you need at this moment in your life. Imagine this colored light that fills you from head to toe. Take all the time you need to fully imagine this.

7. Imagine this new color spreading out of your body as much as possible, but still strong. At first it can be hard to picture it more than an inch outside of you, if you picture it at all. It’s okay, keep practicing. Your aura did not weaken overnight, it will take some time to strengthen it.

8. Now imagine this new aura attracting an amazing life partner, a better job, wealth, or whatever you want in life. Imagine yourself being out in public and this beautiful new aura around you, bringing you closer to people, attracting everything you want.

If you are doing this exercise to attract a soul mate, try to feel the energy of your soul mate. More than looks, how would this person feel to you? How would this person make you feel? In this way, when you meet the person, you will recognize their energy. Don’t try to put a face on the person unless it’s easy for you. Just immerse yourself in the energy.

If you are doing this exercise to help with finances, Imagine yourself in a wealthier lifestyle and immerse yourself in the feeling of wealth, having all your bills paid, living in a nicer home, having a job you love, or whatever financial stability means to you.

You can do this for anything you want in your life, but keep in mind that simply visualizing what you want is not enough. The goal of this exercise is to help clear your aura of negativity so that you can attract a happier, healthier life and the opportunities that will help you get there. Wishing alone won’t make it so! We too must take action.

9. Once you are at this point, having fulfilled your ideal life or your most pressing need in your mind, you can end the meditation. Open your eyes, take a few cleansing breaths, and go to sleep if you do it before bed, or stretch a bit before you stand up if you do it upon waking. It should only take a couple of minutes or as long as you like.

Review your day and see if things are different. Be aware of coincidences, synchronicity, opportunities, or anything positive that comes your way. Thank your guides so they know you are paying attention. The more open we are to their help and guidance, the more help and guidance they can send us!

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