Pilates, no joke!

This short article has the inside scoop on what Pilates is all about and how it strengthens your physique. If you want to get a strong core and challenge yourself with some intense Pilates workouts, you’ll want to take advantage of these exact secrets.

You see people I know who have tried boring workouts and followed the pack to the gym, only to end up disappointed and frustrated, year after year. With the same appearance as the previous year. But some have fortunately jumped into Pilates as rehab for a knee or slipped disc in their lower back, and some of these people have transformed their bodies massively!

Pilates seems to be commonly practiced by mostly women, simple plank “core lifts” and stressing the body in a positive way can really strengthen your internal muscles tremendously.

Pilates is the hidden secret to developing a strong core, and I don’t mean laying on the floor and starting with hundreds and hundreds of crunches. By doing this, you won’t even touch the surface of the deep transverse abdominis (the deepest layer of the nucleus).

You’ll end up with a tight lower back and very tight hip flexors, it’s all relative and the body works as a unit, so paying close attention to what you’re doing to strengthen your core will directly affect the rest of your body.

A Pilates workout targets the intricate muscles that support and protect the lower back, spine, pelvis, and hips. Giving the body a firm, toned and strong look and feel.

Not to mention, it takes years off your age!

Unfortunately, I often see too many people pulling on the back of their neck and thrusting their hips forward trying to do a deep contraction, it makes me cringe. They will undoubtedly wake up the next day with a stiff neck, extremely tight lower back, and hip flexors. Over time, this can develop into constant injuries and limited mobility.

Pilates will help prevent a weak core, which could lead to lower back pain, tight flexors, and poor flexibility in the hips.

Your core is the foundation and when the foundation lacks strength and stability, everything around it will collapse. Professional baseball athletes and Cross Fit trainers, MMA fighters, and hundreds of men and women over the years have implemented Pilates to give them the edge.

Pilates uses the body’s own gravity as resistance to strengthen and tone without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints. It’s a challenging and intense style of training and the missing link to really getting a deep core workout.

And here’s what Pilates won’t do… it won’t pack on muscle mass, it won’t put unnecessary pressure on your joints, it won’t reduce your range of motion by limiting your movements, and it won’t make your body stiff and immobile. But Pilates will help the body avoid injury and balance the body in a very positive way.

If anyone can bench 225 lbs. or do 50 pull-ups in a row without stopping. You will be surprised, Pilates works the entire body in such a way that it will bring any weaknesses to the surface, and you can implement it into personal training with technique/form to use your core muscle as much as possible, as this will help change and sculpt your physique. Thank you.

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