red, white and blue stone

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the United States of America declared its independence. Interestingly, one of the largest battles of the American Revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn, took place at a historic site now known as the Old Stone House. Given stone’s reputation for resilience and sturdiness, it’s no surprise that a structure made from this incredible material has an important place in history.

Every 4th of July, people attend parades and fireworks celebrations to honor the birth of a nation and proudly wave red, white and blue flags. Since these colors are consistent with the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Americans hold dear, stone makers have sought out various shades of freedom made from granite, onyx, quartzite, and other types of stone. Independence Day is also a day to enjoy outdoor spaces and share traditional meals with friends and family. The backyard has been transformed from “a place to put the grill” into an extension of the home’s kitchen and dining room. Outdoor kitchens have many of the same amenities as their indoor counterparts, and designers and homeowners choose granite countertops because of stone’s durability and versatility.

The Reds
The search for a great kitchen countertop begins with deciding what color to complement the outdoor space. Xango Red is an exotic granite style with shades of red and hints of earthy tones that blend well with natural elements. Add a touch of fire with the speckled red beauty of Amber Fantasy, crackling with hints of gold and copper. Gaya’s red swirls will evoke visions of the summer sunset and can provide an exquisite backdrop for an evening of outdoor entertainment.

The whites
White is the summer color par excellence. It is also ideal for building or remodeling outdoor gathering places. It reflects the sun’s rays and keeps everyone cooler during swims and cookouts. When sealed properly, granite is easy to clean and maintain, so choosing white for outdoor dining areas is a viable option. The polished look of Delicatus White offers a distinctive elegance, while the sharpness of Iceberg brightens any space. Bianco Antico is a dappled blend dominated by white and speckled with drops of black and brown. River White pays homage to the time of the nation’s ancestors with its classic combination of gold and white.

The Blues
The pool is not the only place that can reflect the color of the sky. Outdoor granite countertops bring heaven to Earth. The brilliant flecks of silvery blues and shimmering bronze of Lemurian Premium Blue provide a phenomenal setting for food displays commonly featured during summer outings. Orion Blue’s speckled design draws inspiration from the deep blue of the sea in stark contrast to Persa Blue, whose splashes of varied hues give the appearance of the sea crashing against a white sand beach. For homeowners looking for an exotic touch, Lapis Blue can turn any garden into a tropical paradise.

During the summer months, people celebrate their freedom from the cold of winter and the rains of spring by hanging out outdoors. During the month of July they also commemorate the founding of the United States of America. Building a new outdoor space or renovating an existing one is the perfect time to show off that patriotic spirit by selecting the traditional colors of red, white or blue and the beauty and strength of stone.

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