Confessions of a person with type 2 diabetes

As a type 2 diabetic, I seem to be the subject of interest and intrigue to many people I know who, when they find out I have diabetes, often ask me what it is like to have diabetes. My answer is usually the same: I feel just as good as anyone else and I’m no different than someone who has another disease. Diabetes is not a disease to fear. It’s actually a disease you should embrace as another one of life’s little challenges that it throws at all of us from time to time.

The good thing about having diabetes is that it’s a never-ending reminder to me to watch what I’m eating, focus on getting some exercise most days, and make sure that whenever I have the occasional drink, I take it in moderation. . Sure, I could binge completely stupid at a party one night, or eat all the wrong foods until my seams burst, but I know there would be a cost to me (health wise) often within a couple of hours. which I am not willing to pay.

You see having diabetes is one thing. Living with that day after day is another. Day by day, I control my blood sugar levels well and now have my blood pressure under control. It started to get out of control a couple of years ago when it started escalating to the point where my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication, but I resisted and started taking resveratrol instead. I’m glad I did, I still take 250mg resveratrol a day and my blood pressure is now normal, and has been for the past 18 months.

Exercise seems to be one of those really hard lifestyle things to fit in. Many other people tell me that too. I strive to exercise every day, usually a 30-45 minute walk, or on the weekends, I try to ride my bike. Every once in a while I head to a local pool and spend about half an hour swimming laps. One thing I enjoy though (and it’s great for diabetics) is lifting some weights. I’ve been told this helps build muscle mass, which is great for using up blood sugar, as well as helps boost your metabolism, which helps you burn off the extra calories and therefore maintain weight. (or lose it depending). which side do you come from)

When it comes to food, some of my favorite foods, which are also low glycemic foods and digest slowly, give me sustained energy; avocados, fresh raw tomatoes, blueberries, apricots, cooked mushrooms, porridge with a little low-fat soy milk, low-fat grilled cheese on multigrain toast (with a little red onion underneath) salmon sushi, some low-fat curry (yes, it’s possible to make a nearly fat-free curry in a non-stick pan) with basmati rice and of course you can’t get past a nice thick home-made vegetable soup in winter, with a glass of occasional red wine.

I hope this has helped anyone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes, and is looking for some inspiration, and I hope it’s definitely not all doom and gloom with this disease. Grab life and seize the day!

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