Ways to make money online using uTest

Application and website testing is a critical process in development. Without proper assessment and evaluation, there could be many errors hidden in plain sight. To rule out this possibility, many developers turn to online help from usability testing websites. These sites scan apps and websites for issues, bugs, or lags and notify developers, allowing them to take advantage of this feedback. A notable name among these websites is uTest, which provides testing services for mobile apps, mobile sites, and websites. Coming to the good part, did you know that you can also use these websites as an online platform to earn money? Yes, there are many easy ways to make money online and signing up as a tester may also be the easiest of all. Here we describe what uTest is about to tell you how to use this website as your means of making money online.

What is uTest?

The website offers website and application testing services for developers so that they can discover and eliminate any problems as soon as possible. Basically, they hire testers who will review your app and website and then give you feedback. All you need to do is submit your site for review or bug testing, depending on your needs. Testers on the site will then look for any bugs or issues and provide feedback accordingly. In addition to this, the site has a separate blog and forum where you can find valuable information on website creation and management. This is what uTest is all about; quality work in an instant.

How to make money with uTest?

Usability testing is one of the easy ways to make money online. In uTest, you will be asked to register and then you will be asked to create an extended profile. Once this is done, you need to participate in a starter test called a sandbox test for which you will be sent an invite. It is like a sample test that allows you to judge uTest and uTest to judge your skills. This sample test is not paid and is required for future projects. If you are successful in completing the test with flying colors, you are likely to end up with a strong profile and attract many projects. Alternatively, you can go to the project board to verify your eligibility for any project.

Another way to become prominent and receive more test notifications is by completing the uTest 101 quiz. This quiz asks 110 questions about different viewpoints and techniques that are all written in the paid project essentials manual. A score of 100 or higher will make you more preferable to the uTest team, which means you’re likely to get more projects than average. Basically, testers are rated based on the quality of work they provide and how active they are on the site. Consequently, each tester receives a badge. He can earn ranked, proven, bronze, silver and gold badges according to her skill level. Test cases typically have a set of steps you can follow to complete the request. Each test has a pre-assigned value already quoted, if you agree you can click on the test and continue. Certain tests require you to exclude errors. This can be tricky as you only get to pick the bugs that others haven’t picked, making it a bit of a competition. Once you do, you can send your feedback providing your valuable experience to the developers. You will get paid for your review, which is what uTest is all about.

average monthly income

The site is one of the easy ways to earn money on the Internet, but it still requires a lot of effort and time. Usually, if you work devotedly and have great testing skills, you can increase your earnings to around $200-$500. However, it all depends on the number of projects you get, your skills, and luck. Lots of people achieve it extraordinarily enough to earn even $1000 per month. Payment is every 15 days and the site transfers money to your PayPal account.

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