What is a Webmercial?

A web commercial is a 30-60 second commercial about your company or organization that appears on your website or elsewhere on the Internet. Like television ads, web commercials are based on the notion that when millions of people regularly turn their attention to a particular information and entertainment medium, that medium becomes an optimal place to promote commercial interest. . Unlike TV commercials, however, web commercials are extremely inexpensive for three reasons: they require less production time, they run endlessly, and they are available to Internet users 24 hours a day.

From ads featuring hired actors to a short message from your company’s CEO, there are various forms of video web commercials. But all successful web commercials share four characteristics, starting with focusing on what you’re promoting. Focusing on what you are promoting has two basic aspects: choosing the right words and choosing the right images. For example, if you want to create a web banner for your home page that communicates your company’s dedication to the community, a web banner that focuses on your products and services would not demonstrate those values ​​as clearly as a direct message from your CEO. . or a corporate spokesperson.

Similarly, talking about your company values ​​to promote the value of your products or services is a poor substitute for actually talking about the value of your products and services. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate words, choose images that enhance the verbal aspects of your webmercial.

The second key to creating an effective webmercial is to get to the point of your webmercial as quickly as possible. A webmercial shouldn’t sound like a trade show video; exposure compaction should be favored. Choosing strong images and presenting a short list of punchy benefits will impact your viewers without challenging their attention span.

As you develop a compact approach, the third key to successful web commercials is to remember that, just like TV commercials, web commercials must establish the brand. Some companies develop different web ads for the same product to appeal to more than one demographic. But in all cases, ensuring that the style of a webmercial appeals to its target audience is the key to success. Take the wrong branding approach and you could end up alienating your demographic.

The fourth key to developing successful web commercials is the simplest of all: make sure you end a web commercial with a call to action. While following the first three steps creates a webmercial that generates interest, ending with a call to action capitalizes on that interest. In addition to asking your viewers to take action, be sure to provide them with information that makes their action as easy as possible, such as submitting your website address.

By following these steps, you can develop a web commercial that taps into a growing Internet audience at an affordable price. To design the ultimate web commercials, it can be helpful to consult with an internet video marketing expert.

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