5 reasons women leave the men they love

As sad as this may be, women leave men, even though they love those men. There are various reasons and motives behind a woman’s decision to leave a man.

Here are 5 reasons why women leave the men they love:

  • They feel unwanted and unloved – It is no secret that women want love and attention more than men. They don’t really want them, but they need them. Women are built differently from men and are more sensitive and emotional. And when their husband or boyfriend just doesn’t pay attention to them, women choose to leave their relationship.
  • They feel like sexual objects. – These days, sex has become something more physical, something that most men just want to end, while women still need foreplay, including braces and kissing. But when a woman feels that her man is only there for her when she needs sex, she decides to quit and find a better partner. Support, respect, and love are very important in a relationship. And once these go away, a woman can feel it and often decides to leave.
  • The man is always working – financial security is something that all people want, but once this financial security means that the man is always working, a woman will not be very happy about it. But while women want to feel safe, they also want to spend time with their lover. And spending time with you is much more important with her than a nice car or a nice apartment. They need to feel close to you, feel you and communicate with you. If you are always at work, she will have a relationship with the phone, not the real you.
  • Man doesn’t share enough – I know there are different types of people, but once you are in love there is nothing more beautiful than showing your loved one how much you care. Unfortunately, not all men understand it. Many times, they choose to remain silent and not show any emotion. Which ruins the relationship a lot, mainly because a woman needs to feel close to you when sharing.
  • The man is immature – being like a child is completely fine, but being childish is not. Women want a serious man who understands them, has dreams, abilities, and supports them and their desires. If you behave like a child, get angry for various stupid reasons, act like a child in a serious situation, your wife will leave you very soon. Especially if you are not eager to change, to evolve. Women don’t want to raise you. They want a grown man, ready to commit and take responsibility.

Often times, it’s not just a simple reason that women leave the men they love. Most of the time it is a set of reasons that lead women to leave their partners.

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