Facts You Should Know Before Getting an Environmental Lawyer Job

Environmental law firms handle a variety of cases involving environmental issues and are one of the best places to get an environmental lawyer job. It is important before looking for a job as an environmental lawyer that you do some research. You want to make sure you understand what the job entails, the education you need, and what to expect during your job search and once you find a job.

Working in Environmental Law:

An environmental lawyer job will involve preparing cases, working with clients, and going to trial. Environmental law focuses on cases involving individuals or companies that have violated environmental laws or threatened the well-being of the environment. Much of the attention is focused on companies that harmonize the environment and do not follow laws related to environmental safety.


Getting a job as an environmental lawyer requires going to college and law school, as well as passing the bar exam in the state or states in which you will practice. Studying to be an environmental lawyer requires taking courses in various areas of law, including administrative and alternative dispute resolution. You will also need to take specific courses in environmental law, such as air pollution, conservation, ecology, and federal natural resource law.

Job Outlook and Salary:

A career in environmental law has an average growth estimate as predicted by government economists. As environmental issues continue to dominate the government and the public mind, growth may be a bit more than anticipated. Growth also depends on current environmental advocates. If there is an increase in retirement, then the job openings could be more than expected.

The environmental law salary, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2004, was approximately $73,000 for attorneys working within the government. Salary may vary depending on where you work. Jobs are available from a variety of different employers. These include private companies, various government agencies at different levels of government, and companies of different sizes. Jobs are available to prosecute environmental violators and defend them. Salary can also vary depending on which side of the case you are working on.

Landing a job as an environmental lawyer requires a serious commitment. Many attorneys who practice this area of ​​law have some vested interest in the environment and are passionate about protecting it or feel the need to protect those who are being prosecuted for violating environmental laws.

As a lawyer of any kind, it is very important that you are willing to work hard and work your way up the career ladder. Many lawyers start at the bottom, where they are primarily responsible for administrative tasks. It takes time to prove yourself as a lawyer and work up to the level where you can actually go to trial and represent clients in front of a judge or jury. For those who are committed to being environmental lawyers, it is well worth the years of education and hard work it takes to become a respected environmental lawyer.

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