5 tips to save gas!

Here are 5 gas saving tips that can save you a ton of money on rising gas costs. Four dollars a gallon is right around the corner, so saving money on gas is becoming a necessity. That is how:

1. Don’t start and stop your car continuously. Starting your car can consume more gas than simply letting it idle. If you need to stop and do something for a moment, do not turn off the car, but rather idle and then continue driving.

2. Leave windows open or closed at higher speeds when possible. Open windows can kill gas mileage by 10% or more. Coming around town won’t make a big difference, but on the highway, longer differences can significantly lower your normal gas mileage.

3. Don’t drive fast in low gears. This uses a lot more gas than putting it in the next gear. If you have a gear stick, take advantage of it and don’t put it in the next gear as soon as possible.

4. Remove excess weight from your trunk. Spare tires, tools, anything that weighs on your car will cause it to use a lot more gas than normal. In town, or within reasonable ranges where you don’t necessarily need your extra or surplus equipment, it’s great to save a few bucks every time.

5. Run your car on a combination of water and gasoline. Conversion kits are now available that allow water to help refuel along with gas. This can allow you to double your gas mileage. Obviously, this can be a huge money saver, literally saving hundreds a month and thousands a year, making it a great gas saving tip.

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