All that casual chic with solid wood platform beds

Platform beds have become an undisputed favorite and the main reason, perhaps, is their unique ability to combine informality and elegance. The low bed frame reminds us of those days when we loved camping in our backyards and just enjoying the feel of the earth against our bodies. Once you add the accents of a cool, warm duvet and an abundance of pillows throughout, the result is a humble highness. People want platform beds because they seemingly provide effortless appeal to any bedroom and that makes them one of the most prized bedroom furniture ever invented.

Platform beds are not famous for anything. In fact, they are quite known for a number of things that make them the most preferable type of bed these days. For one thing, you can easily make a platform bed yourself. Just look around online and you’ll find plenty of plans that make building a platform bed seem like a piece of cake. And maybe it is if carpentry is your passion. Otherwise, it is better to buy it whole from a store.

You will also find that a platform bed has better support for the mattress and there will be no springs under it. That means there is no back strain or any of that discomfort after a long night’s sleep. In addition, you can enjoy an additional storage area right under your bed, where that bedding can be more comfortable. It makes huge space savings that prevent you from adding that unnecessary clutter in your room. The result is a neat and welcoming look without touching boredom.

The most common notion is that all platform beds are made with wooden frames. In reality, wooden platform beds are just one of the varieties of this quite versatile bedroom furniture. The material for the frame can be oak or maple or even expensive cherry, but there are other less expensive alternatives made from cheaper types of wood that are painted in a tone that creates practically the same effect as any of those solid woods. Material is not a big factor for a great deck, although solid wood definitely has the edge of durability.

Metal platform beds also come in different varieties and colors, with bolt adjustments to suit any preferred height and can be quite durable with the Masonite steel providing support to the sides. However, its popularity can easily be reduced thanks to the natural grains of its wood counterparts.

Solid wood platform beds can be one of the best additions to your family’s bedroom furniture and you will find that they can be quite easy to adapt to your existing designs.

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