Crosstrainers Cardio Zone

CardioZone makes several similar elliptical trainers, falling into the
lower price range than Nautilus or Octane brands. they have four types
of trainers, and each one adapts to different workouts and user needs.

The stride adapts to users and is almost shock-free, which is especially
important for people with knee problems. The Cardio Zone is quiet because
it’s so smooth

The Cardio Zone Club E is the best elliptical trainer in the series,
designed for intense training. It is self-powered by an electromagnetic
generator with forward and reverse. Keep track of your
heart rate with handgrip sensors, and then adjust the settings so that
optimal heart rate and fat burning remain constant throughout the
exercise. There are five different set programs in addition to the manual.
adjustment. The cost is approximately $1195.

The mid-range CardioZone Elite E has a stronger frame and is suitable for
constant use in a gym or club environment. It has larger platforms for the feet, a
advanced display screen and a magnetic drive system that doesn’t need a
battery or plug. Like the Club E, it has a wide range of motion and is both
calm and smooth. It sells for around $795.

The CardioZone Pro E costs approximately $445, a fraction of the price of
other elliptical systems. It is a very basic model and it lacks the advanced
features of higher end models, but for a beginner looking for low impact
training is a good option. It has magnetic resistance and a manual tension.

Finally, the CardioZone Gold E is the least expensive model than CardioZone
does, and at around $298 it’s a very simple model. is smaller than him
other models, and has a steel frame. Doesn’t offer many of the same
display functions or quick training settings. this model would be better
suitable for a beginner who needs a low-impact workout and doesn’t need
monitor heart rate or training progress.

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