Liquid Cooled Mini Bikes (PocketBikes), How Fast Are They Affordable?

While continuing the latest Minimoto Madness craze in the UK. The demand for pocket bikes means that the consumer is now looking for better quality products that are not only affordable for the average wage earner, but also produce great power and fast speeds.

Liquid-cooled minibike price range?

Just a few months ago it would have been almost impossible to get a quality liquid-cooled minibike for under £ 600, however, due to reliable UK-based companies that have started importing large-scale liquid-cooled pocket bikes. quality, now you can get a liquid. Refrigerated minibike for as low as £ 250. (See below the website of a minibike importer who sells the four liquid-cooled pocket bikes described below)

There are currently many liquid-cooled minibikes available from big companies like GRC, Polini, Blata, etc. as they are of the highest quality available and will cost you thousands of pounds. However, UK-based companies now importing directly from Asia can offer the consumer fast pocket bikes for as little as £ 250.

What models are available for less than £ 350?

Discussed here are four of the most popular liquid-cooled minibikes that are available for under £ 350. Pictures of all of these are provided in the link at the end of this article.

Liquid-Cooled Polini-Style Minimoto

For those just progressing from the air-cooled mini bike, the next step is the Polini 911 style liquid cooled mini bike. This is a dependable bike with a quality super cast aluminum frame. This minibike reaches approximately 55 – 60 mph. Since it’s similar in style to air-cooled mini bikes and doesn’t dramatically increase speed, it’s the right mini bike to give you the added thrill but without making your hair stand on end.

It is also an ideal mini bike for learning how to tune up and tune up as parts availability is high for this model and many genuine mini bike parts will fit right in. These pocket bikes have the least problems and are the easiest to maintain.

Specification of a Polini style minibike

ENGINE: 39cc, 2-stroke, water-cooled (6.2hp)

BRAKES: Front double discs and single rear discs

FRAME: Aluminum

START: Pull the cord

TIRES: Semi slicks

COOLING: Water-cooled radiator with water pump

EXHAUST: High performance exhaust with large expansion chamber

SPEED: up to 60 mph (depending on weight / weather and road conditions)

Blata Origami Style Liquid Cooled Miniature

Next in the range, and a little faster, is the Origami-style minibike. It’s a bit faster than the Polini style bike and has what’s known as a mk 3 frame. It’s a squarer frame than regular air-cooled minibike frames. When the first batch of these originally came from China they had a lot of issues including overheating issues, however they have since been updated and the modifications that have been made now mean they no longer have these issues. If you want your reliability as the next step, then the Polini style mini bike is better than the Origami style mini bike, however if you want more speed and you know a little more about mini bikes and are willing to tune up these Origami style mini bikes, they will! It will serve you well and you will not be disappointed!

Specification of an origami style mini bike:

ENGINE: 39cc 2 stroke water cooled

BRAKES: Wavy Twin front and single rear discs

FILTER: K&N Style Large Performance Cone Filter

START: Pull the cord

TIRES: Street tires

COOLING: Water-cooled radiator with water pump

EXHAUST: High performance exhaust with large expansion chamber

SPEED: up to 60 mph (depending on weight / weather and road conditions)

Blata Elite Style Liquid Cooled Minimoto

The Elite rep has the same spec engine as the Origami rep, however due to its lightweight frame and half fairing this bike is scary! Smaller and lighter than other water-cooled bikes, you’ll have a hard time keeping the front wheel low due to its great power. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll leave everyone with a face full of exhaust fumes as you shoot off into the distance. This bike is not suitable for inexperienced and junior riders! Although the Elite rep is fast, the downside is the frame, which needs to be strengthened with a little more soldering.

Specification of the Elite style minibike:

ENGINE: 39cc 2 stroke water cooled

COOLING: Water-cooled radiator with water pump

FILTER: K&N Style Large Performance Cone Filter

EXHAUST: High performance exhaust with large expansion chamber

SPEED: 60 + mph (Depends on rider’s weight, weather, surface conditions)

BRAKES: Front and rear disc


TIRES: slick tires


BOOT: Pull Cord

POWER: 8.5 BHP / 15000rm (manufacturer claim: tested to be very, very fast)

Banshee Sho (GRC style – liquid-cooled minibike)

Last but not least is the newest water / liquid cooled minibike to come out of China. There are many similarities in style between this BANSHEE SHO representative and the GRC minibike. This has to be the ultimate bike for thrill seekers. This bike gets your adrenaline pumping like no other. Super high quality mini bike with a full aluminum frame. This mini bike oozes style and the paint on most is just fabulous! This pocket bike has an incredible 11hp and has a 50cc 2-stroke engine compared to the others that have a 39cc engine.

This bike would only be suitable for those who are very comfortable on a minibike. Not suitable for inexperienced and junior riders! Caution comes with this bike as it is extremely fast! This mini bike also has 3 power bands and you will get the most out of it on a track with long straights.

Specification of the Banshee style minibike:

ENGINE: 50cc, 2-stroke, water-cooled (11hp)

COOLING: Liquid cooling

SPEED: 65 + mph

BRAKES: Dual front brake discs and single rear disc

START: Pull start

RADIATOR: Water-cooled radiator with water pump and purge valve

TIRES: semi slick tires

FRAME: aluminum

Depending on your preference, the above four pocket bikes will suit most riders who want to move from air-cooled pocket bikes. The link provided below has pictures and more details on all the liquid cooled mini bikes.

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