Qualities of a top real estate broker

The real estate business sees different people playing different roles. These include mortgage brokers, bankers, home inspectors, contractors, appraisers, property managers, and various others. That doesn’t even count the seller and potential buyers, for any listed property. The various contributions they make are too numerous to list, but they are all very important. One thing that remains constant: it is the real estate broker who ties it all together. That’s right, he or she calls on all these different people where necessary, to meet the customer’s needs. They facilitate communication between everyone involved and track progress. So the question begs the following: what are the qualities of a top-tier real estate broker?

Many people can become real estate agents of one type or another and start a career in real estate. Only a select few climb to the top. One of the qualities they require from day one? The ability to wear multiple “hats” at once. At various stages in the process, a great broker alternates between a consultant, buyer advocate, seller, analyst, and negotiator … to name a few. Naturally, not everyone is born with the ability to juggle all of these tasks at once. Some skills are instinctive, some are taught, and some we copy from other successful people. However, as in other fields, certain characteristics reappear when the best real estate brokers are studied.


It is extremely difficult to succeed in this business without sincere and genuine passion. Long hours, hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to long-term goals top the list. You don’t accept so many rejections and you keep working so hard, without passion. Enough talk.


It’s not just about getting rich, it’s the intangibles: self-initiative, endless motivation, strong drive, free thinker, patience, and good instincts. Staying open to new ideas – because you are not convinced you know everything – allows you to learn. Cooperating with other city corridors allows for joint efforts in the future. Put your motivation to grow the business before your ego.

Being your own boss is much easier than it sounds, but it is not for everyone. Only those who want to control their own professional destiny. Success in real estate requires a lot of “guts” and a risky attitude. Lastly, be persistent and tenacious, without disturbing the other side. These are the qualities of a top real estate broker.


This doesn’t just mean the ability to speak freely, be polite, or know how to pick up a phone or compose an email. This also refers to conveying important details to the right people and leaving unnecessary things aside for others. It is a regular flow of information by phone, text message, email or whatever means the customer prefers; while effectively expressing itself in each one. Saying more using fewer words is also one of the qualities of a top-notch real estate broker.


Punctual, well dressed, well groomed, with the right language skills, chewing with his mouth closed and always maintaining class and sophistication. Most of this category is superficial, indeed, but the exterior is what makes the first impression. This also includes not getting another 7 phone calls or text messages while meeting your new customer for coffee. Be confident but never arrogant.


There is so much emotion involved in real estate transactions, especially residential ones, that eliminating the human element is almost impossible. This means that reading people, both what they do and what they don’t say, is crucial. Interpreting your client’s non-verbal signals and behaviors allows you to better understand their needs.

There are so many things that they will not tell you outwardly, but from the little signs you need to get acquainted with:

Time frame of a customer. Are you in a hurry?

The true motivation to buy or sell, which affects your decisions.

Are they more price sensitive than you are willing to admit?

Who is the opinion leader in a married couple?

How much information becomes too much?

Know when to use humor to lighten the mood.


Another of the qualities of a first class Real Estate Broker. They start with a small network of people (family, friends, etc.) but have the ability to grow it very quickly. This is done in many ways, the most important of which are:

1- Be people-people, not shy to introduce yourself.

2- Surround yourself with the best professionals in complementary businesses.

3- Staying true to your word when asking clients for referrals.


A top-tier real estate broker returns calls and emails with blazing speed, recognizing that every opportunity for a new client or property scoop is invaluable. They make immediate contact and always follow up, as time is of the essence to maintain that “hot” lead. They are the champions of fast communication and use technology all day long. THAT IS TO SAY. Don’t fall asleep on the change, so your new client doesn’t think you forgot about them.


Everyone in this business eventually learns that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Many seeds are planted, months and even years, before the crops can be harvested. Most cold calls to solicit new customers are greeted with a “No,” and most visits don’t end with a sale. A top-tier real estate broker must also deal with many interesting characters along the way: some untrustworthy, some dishonest, some anxious, some indecisive, and the list goes on. It takes the greatest patience with clients asking as many questions as humanly possible, then pausing to think of a few more. This is normal and part of human nature. Another quality of a top-notch real estate broker is the patience to answer all questions and stay on the phone with nervous clients for as long as necessary.


This has to be one of the top qualities of a top-tier real estate broker. This refers to finding new leads, or leads, on a regular basis. The way it’s done could fill an entire book (or at least another article) on its own. For the moment, let’s recognize that you can never have too many leads in your portfolio. The well can “run dry” for anyone at any time, and there is no shortage of ways to prospect in our times.

Technology has added so many media to traditional television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and billboards. The number of web-based tools available is almost uncountable, but suffice it to say that a real estate website and a strong social media presence are absolutely essential. There are also specialized lead generation platforms that could make life a lot easier. A top runner uses them all.


Local knowledge is extremely important among the qualities of a top-tier real estate broker. Not only will you save time searching for listings and answers to specific questions, but you also provide immediate selling points. Nearby schools, daycare centers, sports arenas, churches, local shopping centers, and public transportation are great spice to the plate a runner is serving to shoppers in their neighborhood. Knowing what developments are coming in the future is even more impressive. Future plans for a region are helpful, as is knowing the history. Don’t be caught off guard by a question about an old cemetery or a water pollution problem from last year from a homework buyer.

A broker who proves that he has never done business in that part of town looks like a beginner (even with years of experience elsewhere), and that doesn’t inspire confidence in anyone.


This is absolutely essential to managing a busy schedule. If a broker cannot meet his hourly commitments, he has already lost. If electronic tools don’t work for him or her, they must have an old-school agenda book in their pocket. The more appointments they attend and the more phone calls they return, the more impressed your clients and contacts will be.

Attention to detail can make all the difference when closing a sale. A top-tier real estate broker knows that the smallest changes can make a property that much more attractive. They are creative with their beautiful real estate listings and take the best pictures of every home. Spotting the key details in the homes they deal with can give a broker the upper hand in negotiations.

Some of this can be taught, some of it is just natural, but these are all the qualities of a top-tier real estate broker. Dealing with a credible and established real estate agency definitely helps your chances of becoming one or finding one as a client in your city.

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