Why live on U Street?

If you are currently looking for a new place to live in Washington, DC, you might be wondering what the best neighborhood is. From Cleveland Park to Columbia Heights, each neighborhood has its own history and atmosphere. But our favorite neighborhood is the U Street Corridor.

The U Street Corridor is a historic district in Washington, DC, that was once the home of “Black Broadway.” This identity remains today on U Street with the Lincoln Theater and Bohemian Caverns, and its past is reflected in today’s lively neighborhood music venues such as the 9:30 Club, the Black Cat and the Velvet Lounge.

Most importantly, U Street is a residential neighborhood that makes it easy to commute downtown for work and shopping. With a prime location on the green line, the city center is just a short drive away. Or, a brisk walk will take you to Dupont Circle, another neighborhood rich in atmosphere. D├ęcor is simplified with a full complement of interior supply stores. And of course your own neighborhood Harris Teeter and Yes! Organic Market makes life on U Street a breeze.

The neighborhood’s past gentrification has resulted in a multicultural mix of inhabitants: from new luxury buildings to older co-ops, U Street appeals to all concerned. Moving to an apartment in this vibrant community will introduce you to a host of unique and interesting people.

Today, U Street is a sophisticated haven for adult entertainment. Jazz clubs offer a relaxed atmosphere for dining and going out. Shopping abounds with fashionistas of all schools, from vintage styles at Meeps to exclusive fashions at Carbon. Clubs offer entertainment and music until late at night, and restaurants offer a variety of dining experiences. And of course, in a league of its own, Ben’s Chili Bowl is always a treat, whether you’re visiting or living around the corner.

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