Spoof Funny Doll Decorations For Toys Kids & Babies

Spoof Funny Doll Decorations For Toys Kids & Babies

3-year-olds are making huge developmental leaps, and toys can be a big part of their play. Kids at this age enjoy toys that stimulate the senses, such as those that squeak, have crinkling sounds or a nubby texture, and those that change color or have a remote control. They also like family board games and collectibles.


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Spoof Funny Dolls

One mom was so mad at a toy that she sent an email to the company and now the product is off the market. “I am so glad that my complaint worked and they took it off the shelves,” writes Lynn. The colorful toy, called the Worry Eater, has a zipper mouth kids can use to deposit their anxieties and worries. It encourages discussion and helps kids learn coping skills.

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Kiersten Plancarte is a mother not to human children but to dolls, specifically hyperrealistic faux babies that inspire spooked curiosity among casual observers and fanatical devotion from a community of tens of thousands of collectors and makers with active social media presences. The dolls range from $250 for a basic model to $5,000 or more for limited-edition creations with hair strands hand-rooted and layers of skin mottling, veining and blushing. Some enthusiasts ply their craft for the love of it; others, like Plancarte, see it as a therapeutic coping tool.

Spoof Funny Doll Accessories

We’ve searched far and wide to find the best doll accessories for kids and babies – the ones that they gravitate towards, play with the longest and never want to let go. This collection includes a range of items that encourage meaningful play and help develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Spoof Funny Doll Decorations

This ingenious doll helps children separate their worries from themselves and encourages deeper thinking and communication. Its zipper mouth allows kids to place their worries inside, and when they close it, they’re gone. Great for kids struggling with monsters under the bed, separation anxiety or just a hard time separating from Mom!

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