Vibratory deburring machines improve the caliber of your work

Automated deburring processes improve quality, tighten tolerances, and eliminate damage and keep costs considerably low, specifically when the price savings from reduced failures, rejects and rework are amortized. Organizations, using advanced precision machinery, now create complex components that many design engineers could not even imagine a few years ago.

That is why the hydraulic, sanitary and digital sectors usually specify it. Everyone has wanted to eliminate component failures due to insufficient burr removal. Burrs, by their very nature, are incredibly sharp, very sharp, and destructive. Seal failure and inhalation of burrs via resuscitation units are just a couple of avoidable scenarios. Being able to guarantee the absence of burrs is something any salesperson would appreciate. Considered almost impossible to deburr manually, a precision automotive item that has 2 small holes drilled in a recess is being thermally deburred effectively.

The Deburring Center, thermal deburring professionals have recently started the deal to thermally deburr 20,000 components per week for Deans Engineering, the precision engineering organization based in Livingstone, Scotland. It is a precision machined part for the automotive sector with 2 small holes drilled in one hole. It is almost impossible to deburr manually. And even if it could be done manually, the time taken for each of these would quickly add to a major problem. Thermal deburring was chosen for a number of reasons. As the process uses a gas, this can quickly and easily cover every flash, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. By not being selective, all burrs are removed, guaranteed.

Items can be mass-loaded for each ‘shot’, greatly reducing time and cost per component. The shot, managed by computer, produces the same conditions in all components, batches and is certainly constant week after week. The standard is constant: computer controlled situations mean that every component, run, and batch are constant. No surface is tampered with, scratched, scraped or ruined. And the process is fast, with multiple elements capable of being fired together, meaning parts costs are substantially reduced. More and more specifiers have increased their deburring quality targets.

Vibratory deburring machines finish the particular task quickly and properly. A drawing no longer simply indicates deburring all sides, but designates a dimension that is acceptable. Additional specifiers, such as those found within the gas, medical, automotive, etc. industries have set their sights, particularly in critical safety programs, and specify that this component must be thermally deburred. Did you know that a deburring part charged at £ 18.00 / hr equals 1p every two seconds? And if you think ‘in-cycle’ deburring is ‘free’, just think about the benefits you could get and the costs you could save by thermally deburring your parts. We offer free samples of your parts.

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